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Here Are Some Common Questions


When does my hail coverage begin?

Your coverage with SMHI the first year is effective at at 12 o’clock noon on the day following your application date. After your first year, coverage is continuous and is effective between May 15th and October 31st or when harvested. With each new year, simply file your crop report (with acres, indemnity and coverage option) by June 15th and you’re covered.

AMHL and PMHL spot loss hail insurance coverage comes into effect at 12 o’clock noon on the day following your application date and remains until October 31st or when harvested.

Which crops qualify for hail insurance?

We insure all crops grown for grain, seed or forage production. For the full list of insured crops and associated surcharges click here for insured crops and surcharges see below:

Basic Rate 1.2x Basic Rate 1.3x Basic Rate 1.5x Basic Rate 2x Basic Rate
Barley Canola (AB) Soybeans Lentils Anise
Canary Seed Borage
Canola Buckwheat
Caraway Seed Camelina
Corn (field) Catnip
Coriander Chickpeas
Fall Rye Chickling Vetch
Flax Cicer Milkvetch
Kamut Dill
Linola Dry Beans
Millet Echinacea
Oats Faba Beans
Potatoes Fenugreek
Safflower Hemp
Sorgum Lupins
Speltz Mint
Spring Rye Mustard
Sunflowers Field Peas
Sunola Peaola
Sun Wheat Quinoa
Teff Radish Seed
Triticale Russian Wild Rye
Fodder crops grown for feed Fodder crops grown for seed
Wheat (all types)

Don’t see your crop? Call our head office at 1-877-414-7644 and one of our helpful team members will be happy to discuss options.

What if I grow mixed crops?

Mixed crops are insurable. Mixed crops are considered one crop and the crop with the highest surcharge is used to calculate the premium. Each crop is adjusted and assigned 50% of the value and the payable loss is calculated accordingly.


Wheat and lentils premium is calculated on the lentil rate and the loss is determined as follows:

Adjusted loss: Wheat 30%, Lentils 50% sum of both = 80/2 loss paid at 40%.

What if I farm in two or more provinces?

If your land is near the Saskatchewan borders, we have you covered. Simply apply for separate policies – one for each province.


It’s July 2nd and you want to buy spot loss hail insurance coverage for your crops in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The only options available at this time are AMHL and PMHL.

If you require an agent to assist you, your best option is AMHL and an agent can be found at any RM office or at various insurance offices in MB and AB.

If you prefer to buy your coverage yourself, you can purchase it direct online from PMHL. PMHL is a convenient option that allows you to buy your coverage any 24/7. To purchase coverage online, click here to access our online hail system.

What deductible options are offered with my hail insurance policy?

We offer several hail insurance options which can be used individually or combined to suit your coverage needs. Choose from the options below or contact one of our knowledgeable agents to help you select what’s best for you.

click here for deductible options
Coverage Option Hail Tax Chargeable (% of full cover rate) Losses Payable When Loss = Settlement Examples
Full Coverage 100% Adjusted loss is 5% or over Loss over 85% = 100% pay
10% Straight Deductible 70% Adjusted less the deductible of 10% 14% loss = 4% / Loss over 85% = 90% pay
25% Straight Deductible 50% Adjusted less the deductible of 25% 45% loss = 20% / Loss over 85% = 75% pay
10% Dissapearing Deductible 90% See Chart Below See Chart Below
20% Dissapearing Deductible 75% See Chart Below See Chart Below

10 Disappearing Deductible 20 Disappearing Deductible
Adjusted Loss % Ded. Payable Loss % Adjusted
Loss %
Ded. Payable
Loss %
5 10 0 10 20 0
10 10 0 20 20 0
15 10 5 40 20 20
20 10 10 41 19 22
21 9 12 42 18 24
22 8 14 43 17 26
23 7 16 44 16 28
24 6 18 45 15 30
25 5 20 46 14 32
26 4 22 47 13 34
27 3 24 48 12 36
28 2 26 49 11 38
29 1 28 50 10 40
30 0 30 51 9 42
60 0 60 52 8 44
85 0 100 53 7 46
54 6 48
55 5 50
56 4 52
57 3 54
58 2 56
59 1 58
60 0 60
70 0 70
85 0 100

What if I already have hail insurance through another agency?

Our AMHL and PMHL products offer spot loss hail insurance coverage which can be bought as a standalone product or in combination with existing coverage.

What if I don’t want to insure all my crops?

Not a problem. With SMHI, simply fill out the Exemption of Crops Form here by April 30 and that crop will be exempt for coverage until such time as you apply to have it covered again.

With AMHL and PMHL you have the flexibility to insure whatever crop you wish to have insured.

If you’re not sure about how much to insure, one of our knowledgeable agents will be more than happy to assist in your decisions. Feel free to contact us here or call 1-877-414-7644.

Can I apply for insurance after a hail storm?

Yes. If the estimated loss is 9% or less, you write the application immediately. If the loss is greater than 9% and less than 25%, we will write the application after a ten-day waiting period.

If this has happened, you should call our office for advice. Each situation is different - the date of the loss and stage of the crop is critical in determining whether or not we can accept the application after a hail storm.

If you’re enrolled in the SMHI hail insurance program, there is no concern at all if the loss occurs prior to June 15. If your crops are damaged by hail after June 15 and you have not filed your crop report, your crops are automatically insured at $25 per acre with Full coverage.

What are the limitations of liability under my hail insurance policy?

Liability will not be accepted by the Association for any loss as result of disease, insect damage, lodging, delayed maturity or loss of market occurring in any insured crop which has been damaged by hail.


How do I pay for my hail insurance?

We work with you to accommodate whichever payment method best suits your operations.

click here to see accepted payment methods
Payment Methods Accepted SMHI AMHL PMHL
Cash or Cheque (Current)
Cash or Cheque (Deferred)
Credit Card (MC & Visa)
Promissary Note (Due Oct.15)

What are SMHI’s credit terms?

We are pleased to extend insurance on credit – file a crop report in the spring with no premiums due until December 31st.

To reward prompt payments, we offer the following discounts:

Discount (Paid By)
5% September 30th
4% October 31st
2% November 30th
No Penalty December 31st

I’ve already bought a hail insurance policy but want to add more coverage. How do I do this?

For SMHI, if hail has not fallen and you have not already applied for the maximum indemnity available, you can apply to increase you coverage with your RM agent by June 30th. After this date, your only option for increased coverage is to purchase a policy with AMHL or PMHL.

If you’re a client of AMHL, simply contact your agent for additional coverage. If you purchased your coverage from PMHL, simply go through our site and create another application. In both cases, the coverage will be stacked and the only difference noticed will be the coverage date (and of course the indemnity and coverage you chose on this application).

What is the deadline to buy additional hail insurance beyond my basic SMHI policy?

You can buy added spot loss hail insurance coverage at your convenience up to and including August 1st.

  • For AMHL, contact your local agent or find your local RM agent here and they’ll be happy to set you up.
  • For PMHL, purchase directly online here.

Can I cancel my insurance?

For SMHI, you can cancel your coverage as long as the crop has been destroyed by some cause other than hail. The last date to file and receive a credit is July 29. More information on this can be found on the reverse of your first claim form or by clicking here to use the Cancellation of Insurance Form.

The cancellation credit percentage will be determined from the date the cancellation notice is received at head office.

With AMHL and PMHL, you can cancel your coverage for any reason and credit will be given if the cancellation request is received prior to July 29. For more information see the Confirmation Letter attached to your policy.

Do I have to renew my policies each year?

For SMHI, coverage is continuous but you still have to report your seeded acres, indemnity and coverage option by June 15th to secure increased coverage above the basic amount.

AMHL and PMHL policies do require annual renewals.

How do I correct a mistake on my application?

Reporting a mistake is very simple - advise your local agent or contact our office as soon as the error has been found. You must make the notification in writing by email or fax and you can always call our office at 1-877-414-7644 for assistance.

Filing a Claim

Hail just hit my insured crops. What do I do now?

You will begin the claims process by completing the Claims Form attached with your applications or found here.

Once complete, send to our office by:

  1. Faxing to 306-522-3717
  2. Email claim to
  3. Calling us at 1-877-414-6744

What if hail or frost damage occurs during the early stages of crop growth?

In the event of hail damage in the early stages of crop growth – prior to heading or podding – a loss factor may be applied in determining the payable loss.

If frost damage occurs during the early growth stages, where other similar crops in the area were NOT hailed or are not frozen, the Association is prepared to review the claim.

Evidence must be left unharvested and a written request for review must be received on or before October 31st of the current year. For more information, contact the Association Office here.

What should I do if I plan on being away from my crops during the grow season?

It’s important to appoint someone to represent your crops and check on your fields in the event a storm hits while you’re away (also considered “Power of Attorney”).

Your policy coverage requires a hail damage claim to be filed within 3 days of the hail storm; however, if for whatever reason your claim is filed after 72 hours, we will always accept it. Certain conditions may apply and your claim will be assessed as long as evidence remains in the field for a proper adjustment.

When there is a question on filing, call our office at 1-877-414-6744 for more assistance.

My crop is ready for harvest and was hit by hail. What should I do?

File your claim as you normally would and remember to leave adequate evidence for the inspection if the crop is being harvest prior to our inspection. Reference the back of your claim form for information or find the Evidence To Be Left Prior to Inspection form found here.

If you have questions on how to assess the damage, contact our office at 1-877-414-7644 and we’ll be happy to assist you through the process.

Award and Adjustments

Who are SMHI’s adjusters?

We employ 125 crop hail adjusters located across the agricultural belt of Saskatchewan. They bring a great deal of real-life experience to adjusting hail damage which allows us to deliver timely, consistent, and accurate adjustments.

Our friendly, accessible, and knowledgeable adjusters undergo extensive training focused on up-to-date adjusting techniques applicable to all crops (including speciality and new varieties). They are provincially licensed and regulated by the Hail Insurance Council of Saskatchewan, the Alberta Insurance Council, and/or the Insurance Council of Manitoba.

Our adjusters are employed by SMHI and only represent SMHI.

When will my loss payment be issued?

Once your signed claim is submitted to head office by our adjuster, we quickly review and process your claim. If your claim passes all of the checks, your cheque for the indemnity owing is generally paid within 30 days of the adjustment date.

Where payment is deferred, a confirmation letter will be sent in late September and your cheque for the indemnity owing will be mailed 7 days prior to the payment date.

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