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What is Municipal Hail Insurance?

Municipal Hail Insurance is an Association operated by farmers for farmers that provides crop hail and fire insurance coverage. Our mandate is to provide coverage at cost and our mission is to reduce the business risk of farmers.

Municipal Hail has established itself as a leader in providing crop hail insurance products that continue to meet the evolving needs of farmers while providing accurate and timely loss assessments and flexible payment options including the convenience of accessing coverage online.

Municipal Hail provides three iterations of its product. Each of these entities allow MHI to achieve its mandate.



Established in 1917, SMHI provides continuous coverage for landowners or lessees of Crown-owned land in Saskatchewan.



Established in 1924, AMHI provides coverage for anyone with an insurable interest in the crop in Saskatchewan, Alberta or Manitoba.



Established in 2014, PMHI provides coverage for anyone with an insurable interest in the crop in Saskatchewan, Alberta or Manitoba while providing you with the convenience of purchasing direct online with a 6% discount.

Farmers insuring farmers.

We know what farmers need because we’re farmers too – flexible hail insurance coverage at affordable rates.

Coverage Options & Eligibility

Insurance is available to any producer who meets Municipal Hail Insurance eligibility requirements. Which hail insurance option is right for you?

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Insurable Crops & Crop Surcharges

All crops grown for grain, seed or forage production are insurable, as well as mixed crops.

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Deductible Options

Deductible options include full, straight and disappearing deductibles. Losses equal to or exceeding 85 will be paid at 100 less the deductible in effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes us different?

107 years, 10,105 storms and 59.3 billion insured. We’ve seen it all.

Municipal Hail Insurance Association officially came into being in 1917 through an Act of the Saskatchewan Legislature. Since then, the Association has been continuously providing crop hail insurance for Saskatchewan farmers. The Association is comprised of all municipalities in Saskatchewan and operates under the authority of the Municipal Hail Insurance Act.

Municipal Hail’s business is delivered by three crop hail products:
Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association (SMHI)
Additional Municipal Hail Insurance (AMHI)
Prairie Municipal Hail Insurance (PMHI)

Each of these companies are operated by Municipal Hail and collectively these entities allow MHI to achieve our vision of providing crop hail coverage that meets the demands of producers at cost while providing unparalleled customer service.

Important Dates

June 15

Last day to file crop reports for SMHI

June 30

Last day for new applicants to apply for coverage with SMHI

August 1

Last day to apply for coverage with AMHI or PMHI

October 31

Last day of hail & fire coverage

March 31

Last day for owners to withdraw from SMHI

April 30

Last day to apply for crop exemption