All crops grown for grain, seed or forage production are insurable, as well as mixed crops. Mixed crops are considered one crop and the crop with the highest surcharge is used to calculate the premium.

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Basic Rate 1.2x Basic Rate 1.3x Basic Rate 1.5x Basic Rate 2x Basic Rate
Barley Canola (AB) Soybeans Lentils Anise
Canary Seed Borage
Canola Buckwheat
Caraway Seed Camelina
Corn (field) Catnip
Coriander Chickpeas
Fall Rye Chickling Vetch
Flax Cicer Milkvetch
Kamut Dill
Linola Dry Beans
Millet Echinacea
Oats Faba Beans
Potatoes Fenugreek
Safflower Hemp
Sorgum Lupins
Speltz Mint
Spring Rye Mustard
Sunflowers Field Peas
Sunola Peaola
Sun Wheat Quinoa
Teff Radish Seed
Triticale Russian Wild Rye
Fodder crops grown for feed Fodder crops grown for seed
Wheat (all types)

Crop Exemptions

An owner of land insured with Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association may exempt a crop/crops from the operations of the Municipal Hail Insurance Act by filing a Crop Exemption application on or before April 30th of the current year. Each application received by April 30th will become effective for the current year and will remain in effect for subsequent years until it is cancelled. Any Crop Exemption applications received after April 30th from owners currently insured will become effective the following year.