• Est. in 1917 to provide coverage for landowners or lessees of crown-owned land in Saskatchewan
  • No-hassle continuous coverage
  • Interest-free credit until December 31st
  • Indemnity up to $425 per acre
  • Sold exclusively by the RM administrator
  • New applicants must sign up by June 30th


SMHI insures your crops with indemnities between $30-$425 per acre. Your coverage is in effect between May 15th and October 31st or until the crop is harvested. To qualify for coverage, you must own the land and all the crop seeded on this land must be insured.

Deductible options include full, straight and disappearing deductibles. Once enrolled, your coverage is continuous. With each new year, simply fill out your crop report (including crop type, acres, indemnity and deductible option) and send it back to us by June 15th.

Where coverage on all crops is not required, an Application for Crop Exemption form must be filled out and sent back to us before April 30th.

How to Apply

Owners of land not insured by Municipal Hail Insurance and who meet the eligibility requirements may apply to bring their land within the operations of the Municipal Hail Insurance Act. New applicants must complete an Assessment of Land application with their local RM administrator by June 30th. The Assessment of Land application must include all cultivated land owned by the applicant in the municipality. If the applicant does not require coverage for all crops, an Application for Crop Exemption form must be completed and forwarded with the Assessment of Land application. Insurance coverage becomes effective at 12 o’clock noon on the day following the date of mailing. If an application is not approved, or if changes are made, the applicant will be advised.

After the first application for insurance, the land continues to be assessed each year. The Municipal Hail Insurance Act requires that owners of assessed land file a crop report with the Administrator of the municipality by June 15th of each year. You will have continuous coverage for subsequent years until you cancel your insurance or withdraw from the program.

Insurance on Credit

We provide payment terms that best suit your operations including interest-free credit until December 31st.

To reward prompt payments, we offer the following discounts:

Discount (Paid By)
5% September 30th
4% October 31st
2% November 30th
No Penalty December 31st

Sign up today by contacting your local RM administrator or call 1 (877) 414-7644.

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